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Custom Fishing Ponds

Custom Fishing Ponds

Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois

Creating a backyard fishing destination is not as simple as many people may think. Fish require more than a wet hole in the ground. We often are called for guidance after pond construction has commenced. Unfortunately, we tend to find a hole in the ground, best suited for pouring a two-story concrete basement. People are often not aware that deeper ponds are not always better. Steep slopes are prone to erosion and a quality fishery will be very difficult to maintain with such a shape.

Custom Fishing Ponds
Custom Fishing Ponds

Our comprehensive understanding of fisheries and pond construction provides the best result in designing a custom fishing pond. We do not just ask if you want to fish, we ask what fishing experience you want. Do you want a trophy bass or a musky? Or a productive perch, crappie, or bluegill fishery? Do you just want an occasional meal of fish? Alternatively, do you have a different fishing experience in mind?

The pond you start with will dictate the quality of your fishing experience. Depending on your goals, we commonly design and construct ponds with specific natural or artificial fish structures, spawning substrates, custom aeration, washed sand beaches, shoreline plantings, fish stocking, tapered swim areas, docks, inflatable swim toys, decorative fountains, product metering systems, and inflatable water parks.

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Custom Fishing Ponds

We have helped countless customers design and develop world-class fishing experiences in their own backyards. We use seam-sealed, woven, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pond liners that can be built, and cut to match any size project. Ask our biologists about where and how to make your own fishing destination! Custom fishing ponds are possible anywhere in Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois.

Lake & Pond Construction Installation & Maintenance Contractor Serving Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and Northern Illinois