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Forestry Mowing & Management

Forestry Mowing & Management

Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois

Cason Land & Water Management, LLC services Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota with forestry mowing. Forestry mowing removes invasive brush, maintains trails and shooting lanes, and releases desired understory species. Forestry mowing can reverse years of site neglect and lack of management.

Mowing and mulching are essential aids to restoration and management. While brush and understory cover are necessary for some wildlife, entirely overgrown and dense stands of brush provide little habitat.

Forestry Mowing & Management
Forestry Mowing & Management

When managing prairies, mowing excludes undesirable, woody species. Mowing can be essential for prairie establishment by preventing noxious weeds from producing seeds. Mowing also gives native plants a competitive advantage against nonnative, cool-season grasses and forbs.

Our biologists can selectively mow to retain desired species such as oak, pine, hickory, and aspen. We target buckthorn, honeysuckle, Russian olive, Japanese barberry, and overgrown native brush.

Following mowing or mulching, we highly recommend spraying the cleared areas to prevent the cut species from regrowing. We employ a variety of application equipment to handle large and small treatment areas.

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Forestry Mowing & Management

Once treated, we recommend planting or seeding native species to ensure the newly opened area is not re-colonized by undesired species. We offer planting and seeding services throughout Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. To learn more, please visit our Terrestrial Planting and Seeding page.

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