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Muck & Sediment Management

Muck & Sediment Management

Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois

Is your pond or lake shoreline covered in muck, preventing you from enjoying the water? Do you have a pond that is filling in with muck and you would like it deeper? Cason Land & Water Management, LLC has the resources to prevent and reduce muck accumulation.

There are many tools for combating muck and sediment accumulation in lakes and ponds. Cason Land & Water Management, LLC offers the following services for their clients in Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, or Minnesota:

Muck & Sediment Management


    • Dredging is used for larger-scale projects and projects that require results faster than biological solutions.

Biological Products

    • Biological products break down muck and organic matter. The products we use have been extensively studied in the laboratory and in the field across the country. These products will break down organics where they are applied.


    • Aeration has many benefits to lakes and ponds, including muck reduction. A properly sized aeration system will raise dissolved oxygen content in the water, increasing the biological breakdown of organic materials. To learn all the benefits
      of aeration, click here.

Depending on your project goals, timeline, and location of the unwanted sediment, one or many tools may be necessary. Let us help you reclaim your lake or pond!

Pond & Lake Management Professionals Serving Wisconsin & Upper Peninsula Michigan / Northern Illinois Area