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River & Stream Improvement

River and Stream Improvement

Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois

Rivers and streams are complex ecosystems that provide several benefits, such as drinking water supplies, flood control, electricity, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, and commercial benefits for industries. Changes in land use and land cover within the watershed often cause streams to experience rapid erosion and sedimentation. This leads to flooding, destruction of aquatic habitats, reduced water quality, and property damage.

Cason Land & Water Management, LLC understands the unique dynamics of riverine ecosystems in Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. We have the tools necessary to develop restoration plans unique to each river and stream. Restoration plans are developed using a thorough understanding of upstream factors, as well as downstream resources that may be affected by changes occurring at the restoration site.

In addition to the development of restoration plans, we also offer plan implementation, project coordination, shoreline stabilization, channel manipulation, invasive removal, and re-introduction of native species. Our biologists use a variety of techniques to create a natural habitat suited to native fish and wildlife.

The best form of restoration is preventing degradation before it happens. Assessing your stretch of stream and its watershed is a proactive way to identify potential problems before they become a costly restoration. It is also a great way to identify potential improvements for fish and wildlife habitats.

Senior Biologist, Chad Cason, spent several years leading a trout stream habitat improvement program for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. One of his primary assignments in this position was to study stream and river habitat improvement projects around the state to assess which techniques were most effective. This knowledge proved invaluable as he designed and constructed habitat improvement projects on state lands. Now, in the private sector, he can share his experiences with private stream and river-front owners who wish to improve the habitat along their frontage.

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