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Terrestrial Application

Terrestrial Application

Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois

Forestry and Prairie Spraying

Cason Land & Water Management, LLC’s staff of certified, professional applicators can assist you with herbicide treatments of your forest or prairie throughout Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota. Typically, the management of terrestrial invasive plants requires some form of chemical application. Species like bush honeysuckle, buckthorn, purple loosestrife, spotted knapweed, and garlic mustard can be partially controlled through mechanical and biological methods. However, eradication usually requires spraying.

Our biologists are certified for forestry herbicide applications. Their skilled treatments target invasives while retaining natives. With our wide variety of treatment tools, no spraying project is too big or too small. We will develop a treatment plan specific to your property’s needs, with minimal non-target impacts.

All the proposed herbicides are EPA-registered products, and our applicators are trained to handle and apply these pesticides. If you have any questions about products, active ingredients, or efficacy, our biologists are more than happy to take your call.

Following treatment and successful control, our team will walk you through the next phase of the restoration process. Whether you already know what spraying needs to be done or are looking for someone to assess your property and identify what can be improved, give us a call and see how our biologists can take your property to the next level!

Land Management Professionals Serving Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and Northern Illinois