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Weed & Algae Treatments

Weed & Algae Treatments

Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois

Spraying Weeds & Algae

Each year, we receive hundreds of phone calls and emails about weed and algae problems in lakes and ponds throughout Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota. With hundreds of species of pond weeds and algae growth throughout the Midwest, each waterbody requires a specialized treatment plan. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for every pondweed and algae species. Through decades of treating lakes and ponds, we have developed specialized treatments to manage your weed and algae problems. Set up a meeting with one of our biologists to identify what weed or algae is plaguing your pond and develop a customized treatment solution!

Nutrient Management

Managing problematic weeds and algae often requires management of the problem’s source. This means managing nutrients. Nutrients are the ‘food’ plants need to grow. Nitrogen and phosphorus are the nutrients most commonly influencing aquatic plant growth. Even small inputs of these nutrients can induce rampant plant growth and significant algae blooms.

Nutrients commonly enter water bodies through bird fecal matter, lawn and agricultural fertilizer runoff, erosion, failing septic systems, nutrient-polluted groundwater, and organic material depositions, like leaves. Additionally, the nutrients responsible for plant growth can originate from within the waterbody, through a process called “internal nutrient loading”. This happens when low oxygen conditions change the reduction and oxidation processes happening in the sediments of a lake or pond, resulting in the release of phosphorus.

Cason Land & Water Management, LLC utilizes a wide variety of products, methods, and technologies to manage pond weed and algae problems for all its Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota lake and pond clients.

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Some of these tools include:

  • Phosphorus-reducing and binding agents
  • Beneficial bacteria that break down organic matter
  • Enzymes that break down molecules and cell walls for digestion
  • Herbicides and algaecides to combat nuisance plant growth
  • Biocatalyst adjuvants to help herbicides and algaecides penetrate, kill, and decompose nuisance plants
  • Dyes/Colorant to change pond water to a pleasing blue, black, or midnight color
  • Aeration to improve decomposition and limit internal nutrient loading

Schedule a consultation with one of our biologists to identify the best treatment and nutrient control program for your specific scenario!

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